Sunday, May 23, 2010

You've Got It All (Most)

I have uploaded some Radio edits, and some live shows. I have also re uploaded the Summer Sonic show... it is louder now. Also, I am awaiting the Zum Audio CD still. Hopefully I will get it tomorrow or Tuesday. I don't know when it was shipped exactly but once I have it the Compilations CD will be re uploaded with every track off of compilation CD's that are special to their respected CD's. If there are any songs I am missing (see previous post) please let me know.

I know that there is another version of "The World At Large" from an HMV CD that is a couple seconds shorter. I am sure it is exactly the same, with an edit at the end so that it can be played alone. (or not directly leading into "Float On") I wont bother looking for it or buying the CD, but if anyone has it... feel free to send it to me.

Also, the lyric booklet is constantly being updated. I have already made several changes as some lyrics are noticeably off. I will let you know when V2.0 will be released. They aren't big mistakes, probably something you could correct yourself, but nevertheless, I feel the need to upload something more correct... in the future.

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