Sunday, May 30, 2010

An Uglier Casanova

So recently Interstate 8 posted a concert that Issac Brock put on, along with an unnamed player, to introduce one song off of 180 Degrees Souths films soundtrack... entitled Heres To Now. I'm not going to repost the videos since anyone who sees this knows about it. But I took those videos and ripped the audio from it, took out some talking in between some songs and put them all together as my first Ugly Casanova show download.

If you have downloaded any other of the shows I put up on my blog, you know I separate Modest Mouse CD's and Live Shows. And I do the same for Ugly Casanova.

2010-05-25 - Eli Broad Stage - Issac Brock Solo Performance

01. Introduction and Movie Credits
02. Broke
03. Blame It On The Tetons
04. Spitting Venom
05. This Devils Workday
06. Heres To Now

Download Link: Click Here

ALSO, my Zum CD wont be in till next Friday.

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