Lossless Live Shows

On this page all of the Rare Material I have collected will be posted in FLAC Format. These files are LOSSLESS and will not degrade over time. Please do not convert these files to MP3's, or at the very least, if you do, please keep them to yourself. None of these are Official Modest Mouse CD's.

Also, I have included artwork for all these CD's, you don't have to use them, they aren't official.. just wanted to point that out.


2010-10-23 - Bridge School Benefit Saturday Show
Track List:

01. I Came As A Rat
02. Autumn Beds
03. Cowboy Dan
04. This Devil's Workday
05. Four Fingered Fisherman
06. Custom Concern

Download Link: Click Here

2010-10-24 - Bridge School Benefit Sunday Show
Track List:

01. Wild Packs Of Family Dogs
02. Bukowski
03. Lives
04. Dashboard
05. This Devils Workday
06. Blame it On The Tetons
07. Four Fingered Fisherman
08. Here's to Now

Download Link: Click Here