Friday, June 4, 2010

Spitting Venom/I Came As A Rat

So I have been watching this video on YouTube a lot lately and I decided to rip the video and turn it into an MP3, I did a bit of EQ'ing to make it sound slightly better, but as my dad would always say: "You can't polish a turd"... Okay he never said that once, but the phrase still stands.

Unfortunately there is a couple seconds cut off from the very beginning but you will forget about it as soon as it starts getting going anyways. This is such an epic version of the song, and the only good one I could find on YouTube. If you know any other ones. let me know in the Shoutbox or someshit.

Spitting Venom / I Came As A Rat Live @ Red Rocks June 2008
Track Listing:

01. Spitting Venom / I Came As A Rat (8:08)

Download Link: Click Here

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