Sunday, May 30, 2010

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Alright so I have deleted Sad Sappy Sucker 2. It is filled with a bunch of shit-tier quality recordings of songs off of Sad Sappy Sucker. They are exactly the same as their SSS versions, just... shit. So I got rid of it. And I took the few original tracks and stuck them on to the "Rarities And Unreleased Material" download. I also added some other tracks to it. So you will need to re-download this if you want the new tracks. Sorry. But there was no other way. Alternatively, you can not download it.

I removed Chemical Eyes from the Rarities CD as well, as it is the same version off of the M&A Expanded CD. Just (again) crappy quality. I am guessing someone recorded it off of their radio. Well if you want Chemical Eyes, go buy the CD.

I also removed the ZED TV recording, but I have moved it to the Live Show section. Download below. Also, if you are always up to date on this site... (*cricket cricket*) The Zum Audio CD will be in next week.

And by the way, all the bastards who neglected to inform me I had the Austin City Limits show labelled as the year 2007... Its 2004. I don't know what happened there. But yeah, I updated the list order but not the file itself. You can change the date on your versions yourself, though I am sure you already have.

2003 - Live On ZED TV

01. 3rd Planet
02. Float On

Download Link: Click Here

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