Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blog Reformatting

I have changed the layout of the site as I am adding more content. All the download links are still here and active, you can find them on the navigation panel on the right hand side.

I will be adding a "Digital Lyric Booklet" soon, with the working title as: "A Life of Arctic Sounds - Modest Mouse Complete Lyrical Booklet". It is comprised of a folder for each album, organized by year, and within each album a Notepad document containing the lyrics for the song it represents. Some of these will be interpretations, but as accurate as possible.

I Will also be adding a HQ Album Art section where you can download high quality album art (duh), These will be from my very own scanned images, or images I have found online.

I am also thinking of an Ugly Casanova Section, but I do not know what it would be comprised of yet, Probably some art as well, and maybe a download link for Diggin' Holes. But I'm not sure how I feel about that right now. I will probably put album art in that section, and maybe a lyric booklet as well.

Also, I will now use the main page solely for updates, as it should be.

Thanks for reading,
Chief Tragedy

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