Monday, May 30, 2011

Sasquatch Music Festival Webstream

Sasquatch Music Festival Webstream [SBD]
Track List:

01 Shit Luck
02 Gravity Rides Everything
03 Dashboard
04 Bukowski
05 The View
06 Lampshades On Fire
07 Cowboy Dan (Extended)
08 I Came As A Rat
09 Baby Blue Sedan
10 Dance Hall
11 King Rat
12 Dramamine > Life Like Weeds (Tease)
13 Wild Packs Of Family Dogs
14 Poison
15 Here It Comes
16 The Whale Song
17 The World At Large
18 This Devil's Workday
19 Spitting Venom

Download Link: [Download Part 1] [Download Part 2]


  1. This is an awesome concert. Great setlist!

    I've been looking for such a quality recording for a long time... I think this show will be in my playlist for long. thank you sooooooo much!!

  2. Thanks very much, this is great!

  3. goddamn, awesome