Friday, May 13, 2011

Night On The Sun

Hi everybody!

So I have made a few changes, most of them are minor but I feel I should make a new post so you know about them. Firstly, I have deleted (/Turned Off The Lights to) the Night on the Sun forums as they were not getting used. They were pretty pointless, and ever since Interstate 8 updated/graded their forums there really only needs to be the one forum. ModMouse is dead... deal with it. The Shoutbox has moved to the main page on the right hand side. And the Sun logo is staying just because it looks nice. You can click it all you want, it wont get you anywhere though.

Secondly, I added Share Buttons! So you can share any new news items on your Twitter account/Facebook and etc. And Speaking of Facebook, make sure to like us! Our Facebook page is Located Here, also on the right hand bar you can simply click the "Like" button on the facebook app, located under the shoutbox.

I have added some more links also, there are articles, other download blogs, and my own YouTube channel. Where the two new Modest Mouse songs are available to view.

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