Monday, October 25, 2010

The World at Large [Unoficial Single] (Revisited)

Alright so I know there have been a few downloads of TWAL single. But I found a pretty sweet "Live Radio" version of the song, and have added it to The World At Large single. If anyone has any info on it. It would be appreciated. It sounds like the version found on the Austin City Limits, except a professionally recorded version of it. Also, I put in the Float On (Live Zed) version between the Studio/extended track I made and the radio song. sort of like the Ocean Breathes Salty single.

Also, I removed Autumn Beds since its a little TOO official for my liking. Even though the mixes are different, it might deter people from buying the official Modest Mouse CD/7"'s. Sorry.

The World At Large [Unoficial Single]
Track List:

01. The World At Large (Standalone)
02. Float On (Live ZED)
03. The World At Large (Live Radio)

Download Link: Click Here

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