Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Life of Arctic Sounds... Deux

I have updated the lyrics for many songs in my Digital LOAS Digital Lyric Booklet. Including lots of songs off "We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank" and "The Fruit That Ate Itself".

I got my Rebel Beat Factory release of TFTAI in the mail, and along with it, the lyric booklet. And to my amazement... lots of the lyrics were off. And I mean REALLY off. I have still updated some words in every song on the album. But it seems as if Isaac wrote lots of different lines/lyrics and picked and chose in the studio.


By ear: "A black hole talking about nothing"
Booklet: "I'm back home, talking about nothing"

So I have kept some lyrics as they were and updated others that are right in the lyric pint out in the official CD package. AND I have included a scan of the lyric print out, so you can see what the lyrics are in there.

Also I added the scan of the sky image in the Cover Art section. It has the names of the songs on the RBF version of the CD, which are slightly different/shorter.

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