Sunday, August 1, 2010

The World at Large

This version of "The World At Large" is NOT the version you will find on the real Single/Promo of this song.

I made the new ending to the song, so that I could include the song in a playlist that I made, without it having to be followed by Float On. Personally I don't like how TWAL ends so abruptly when you put a different song after it. I thought I would share it, in case anyone else might want to do that.

More Info about it in the download.

The World at Large [Unofficial Single]
Track List:

01. The World at Large (4:38)

Download Link: Click Here


  1. Not trying to be a dick, but I'm confused. This is off the Good News single, but you've extended it to fit onto the album and replace the album version of TWAL?

    Is this any different from the album version other than length wise? Is the mix different?

  2. This is just a standalone version of The World AT Large. Its not suppose to replace anything.

    I don't know if anyone has noticed... but TWAL and Float On run together. This is just so you can have a version of TWAL that can be played without an abrupt ending.

    I made it because:
    A) Apparently there is a "The World At Large" single out there... that must end more smoothly than the version from Good news does.

    B) I like the song, and I like to include it in some playlists but, not followed by Float on all the time.

    So to sum it up: It doesn't replace anything, its not a new mix. It is a version of the song that can be played by itself, followed by any song you want.