Friday, March 19, 2010

Dirty, Dirty, Fingernails...

I just got my yo-yo a go-go CD in the mail so I added the live version of Dirty Fingernails to the download page of rare material. It is its own separate link so you don't need to download the whole "CD" again.

If you place it in the "Compilation CD" folder and add it to iTunes it should just add on to the existing album. If not, you can figure it out.



  1. Hey!! Dani here from the modmouse forum :) Seems like our forum is down forever. Didn't know how to contact you... just to let you know, that there's a facebook group you can join and talk to some of the modmouse members!/group.php?gid=5585094289

    if you want to contact me, please do that via myspace

  2. Thanks Dani! I have joined :p